April Meeting

The crowd at Steve VK3FSWB’s was a little disappointing despite the beautiful day. Special thanks to all those who made the effort. The usual lunch barbie was cooked and Margie later supplied us with arvo tea.

Brian VK2CCP/VK3BBB gave us a talk and demo on digital modes, both HF and V/UHF. Pretty sure there are some who want to try FreeDV, Gary? There was also some “guess what digital mode this sound is” played. It astounds me how many there are! There was also a fair bit of discussion centred around Steves wire antenna… It crosses pretty close to the metal roof. There was plenty of good advice, but no one got up to fix it. Hihi.

The usual raffle was run and won. Two draws only in view of the small crowd. Marg took the Bunnings voucher, Norm VK3XCI the bottle of River1467 wine.

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