Regretably, I have had to take the VK3WRM Mildura iGate off air. There are a number of reasons. Much of the equipment is old and unreliable. The latest failure is the 12V power supply. This has been operating at its upper limit for quite some time and quite frankly it surprises me that it lasted this long! Both the FM828 and Tiny2 TNC have intermittant problems and need to be “reset” periodically.
The bad news about all this, is that I’m not going to be here to nurse it all and I don’t want to rely on my “house sitter” to do it.
So, if anyone wants to take it on, they’re welcome to the hardware such as it is. The VK3WRM call has not been renewed so you would have to use your own callsign with a -5 or -9 suffix.
“Leave a comment if you are interested.

On further reflection, having just pulled the hardware down, perhaps a fresh start with replacement hardware would be a better idea! Everything I touch is intermittant! I can contribute a Raspberry Pi 3 with Xastir set up and ready to go. For a full iGate, 2M tranceiver, TNC. power supply and cables are required. A receive only iGate could also be a consideration. aA USB stick receiver apparently does the job.

de Norm, VK3XCI

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