2019 AGM

Well the 2019 AGM has come and gone, and from all reports did not “Go gentle into that good night.” I must point out that my reports are second hand, so I need to be a little careful.

Suffice to say that the meeting was somewhat “orchestrated” by senior members of the club who were not members of the committee, let alone the executive, and that there was an interjection from the floor attempting to wrest control of the meeting from the chairman. John VK2AWJ is to be commended for his handling of the election of officers.

Regretably, yet another keen and active member has been alienated. That makes 4 in 2 years that I know of. It seems that being an “annointed one” is somewhat of a poisoned chalice.

Unconfirmed reports have Brian VK3BBB as President, David VK3ZUA Vice President, Therese VK3FMTT Treasurer and Carol Loag is again Secretary. There are no details of the rest of the committee at this point.

Thanks to the outgoing committee and Good Luck to new one.


One thought on “2019 AGM”

  1. I attended the August meeting with great enthusiasm with my annual fees in hand ready to pay. In the opening address we were told that subs had to be paid within 2 months or you are out. I understand that the President and Treasurer are away for two months but was that not the idea of a vice President? Why could not a small receipt book been purchased and one of the committee members or the Vice President take the subs?
    I realize that some people like old movies but I expected it to be radio related. Still I just a winging pom. As for the subs it looks like I will be out.
    Keith VK3VKS

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