HF Net

Only 4 of us made it last night, and one apology. All the usual suspects, hihi, no names or callsigns, but we really do need to show stronger support for our club. What do we need to do to make it a better net? is 80m the right band? I know a few of us (me included) have antenna problems at 80m. The theory is, that 80m groundwave communication is best achieved with a vertical antenna giving a range of around 90km. Well, we all know how theories work out!

I know my little tri-band trap vertical (20 – 15 – 10m) looks horrendous on 80, and only the services of a tuner allow the rig to transmit at all. Remember tho’, the tuner doesn’t fix the antenna problem, it just makes the transmitter think it has!

Perhaps we need a homebrew project to build an 80m vertical?

norm, vk3xci