VK3ATN Technical Merit Award

The Sunraysia Radio Group Inc are pleased to present the VK3ATN Technical Merit Award.  The aim of this award is to encourage our members to become more involved with technical projects, technical presentations and even show and tell.

The Award takes the form of a mounted and framed certificate to occupy pride of place on the shack wall

The award has been named after Amateur radio station VK3ATN, operated by Ray Naughton, at Birchip, and honours Ray's contribution to Amateur Radio. Ray was the first in the southern hemisphere to contact stations in the northern hemisphere, by bouncing signals of the surface of the moon.     Quite a feat in the early sixties when most amateur equipment used valves and was largely home made.   And off course without the aid of computers as we know them today.

Max Folie Award

The Max Folie Award

The Max Folie Achievement Award is not a technical award, but an award for overall club achievement. It is designed to encourage involvement in club activity -- that is what Max Folie VK3GZ would want.

Max Folie was the President of the WIA, Victorian North West Zone, over a period of many years. Max VK3GZ, had a continuous stream of amateurs calling in to his work office, or his home. He was a keen operator, being active on HF and 2mtrs, both phone and CW. He tried to keep up with AR developments and was always happy to help newcomers.

 He assembled the original radio station (Radio 3MA) in this district, acted as manager and later moved into TV as manager of the first TV station in this district (STV8) The recipient of the award is nominated, seconded and elected by secret balllot at the Annual General Meeting, with the winner announced by the returning officer.

The winner is presented with a certificate, the trophy is displayed at the SRG clubrooms in the Sid James hut at the Nicholls Point Scout Centre.