Summary: Beacons, Repeaters, IRLP and Echolink

The Sunraysia Radio Group maintains a number of voice repeaters, an APRS digi, APRS gateway, IRLP node and an echolink node. This is a summary of these assets and there status. We have Peter VK3JUG, Ron VK3ECV and Noel VK3FI to thank for their care and feeding.

With  a small group such as ours, the liicences alone would be a an unbearable burden and we are much indebted to Amateur Radio Victoria, who hold and pay for our voice repeater and co-sited beacon licences, along with many other repeaters and beacons across Victoria. Some 70 or so at the last count!

It is as usual, a work in progress. Errors or updates should be sent to the Webmaster.


Band Frequency Callsign Location Status
2m Voice 146.725 - VK2RBL Balranald Proposed
 2m Voice 146.800 -  VK3RMA  Mildura City Up
 2m Voice 147.050 +  VK3RVL  Robinvale Up
 2m Voice 146.700 -  VK3RON  Ouyen Up
 2mVoice 146.900 -  VK3RSH Swan Hill Up
70 cm Voice  438.525 - VK3RRU Merbein up
APRS  145.175 s VK2RBX-1  Trentham, NSW  up
APRS 145.175 s VK3RON-1 Ouyen down
IRLP 435.525 Node 6320 Merbein up
ECHOLINK VK3JUG-R Node 768511 Mildura City up


630m 473kHz CW VK3FI Nichols Point Test 1
10m 28.263 VK3RRU Merbein On Test3
6m TBA VK3FI Nichols Point down 2
2m 144.438 CW VK3RRU Merbein Up
70cm 432.435 VK3RRU Merbein Down
23cm 1296.435 VK3RRU Merbein Down4

1 Experimental. Not always available
2 Off air pending frequency change
3 In Midura city due to antenna issues
4 Lightning damage.