Covid-19 Meetings Suspended

Regular meetings of the Sunraysia Radio Group are suspended for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis. The normal on-air nets will of course continue, with the addition of a regular Wednesday “home-brew” net at 1330 local on the Mildura repeater VK3RMA. (146.800. -ve split). If you have a technical question of any sort, feel free to come up and ask.

Net control will change each week to give some of our members experience in “Net Control” duties. Be Nice… some of these folk have never done this before!

Next Meeting

After serious discussions, the Committee of the Sunraysia Radio Group Inc, has made the decision to SUSPEND all future group meetings, gatherings etc, until further notice. This decision was made after the news that most radio clubs and groups on the eastern seaboard of our country, had made this decision.

This Committee will be available at any time if anyone has information to pass on or requires information themselves.
Contact Brian 0409420789

Future of Amateur Radio

On the 3rd of February the WIA released a “White Paper” titled “The Future of Amateur Radio”, along with a poll to garner some opinions. Now, I’m not sure that this is the right way to go about it, but I guess it will provide some subject matter for the Hobart Conference’

I quote
“When the foundation license was made available in the mid 2000’s a decision was taken at the time to create a “4 letter” callsign that would distinctly identify foundation users. This callsign – colloquially known as a “F” call has remained in existence from this time.

Recent changes to the License Conditions Determination (LCD) have permitted operators with foundation licenses to operate digital modes. One of the challenges that has been created is that a number of the digital modes require, by design, a callsign that does not exceed 6 characters. The current “F” call has 7. This has resulted in a situation whereby foundation licensees are unable to fully leverage the new license conditions in the manner that was intended by the updates to the LCD. ”

Read the full artical here and dowload the pdf. make sure to have your say… there were some very strong opinions at the homebrew meet, but they’re poinless if they’re not heard.